Winners of the TREsPASS visualisation competition announced

Makayla Lewis wins first prize with her entry: Cyberstalking: its about control, not only privacy!  On November 11 TREsPASS organised a visualisation workshop, and an awards ceremony to announce the winner of the cyber security visualisation award. The jury, consisting of Ben Fry, Claude Heath, Loraine Gamman, Manuel Lima and Raffael Marty had the difficult task to select a winner from the large amount of entries. The jury considered how each entry developed the visual aspects of risk visualisation as well conceptually engaged in an interesting and innovative way with the topic of cyber security and social engineering. The awards ceremony was preceded by keynote talks from Joe Reddington and Trish Williams on the relationship between healthcare and security.

Entries from Bente Brunia: Hacking has never been easier, select your personal virus now, and AlexOnline’s: Kinetic Visualization of the Social and Technical Complexity of Cyber Attacks, were ranked equally, and won second prize.

Jury member Raffael Marty on Makayla Lewis’ poster: “Social issues around privacy and security are under appreciated and are not discussed enough. Only once it’s too late do we realize how vulnerable we left ourselves to all kinds of unwanted exposures. Mayakala’s visual story does a good job helping create awareness around the problem.”

Also for the two second place winners the jury members saw real-life applications, for instance to raise awareness for cyber attacks. Raffael Marty stressed that “engaging visualisations of  modern cyber attacks helps communicate and understand just how intertwined todays systems are and how large the attack surface really is.”

The winning entries all showed the importance of strong narrative in a visualisation and the need for cyber security to develop compelling and relatable narratives with which to communicate and engage on topics of risk. 

Activism, Security & Societal Impact on Border Sessions
The TREsPASS track at Border Sessions was part of the theme of Activism, Security and Societal Impact. TREsPASS was extremely proud to be a part of this theme and we were delighted to showcase two keynote speakers who work in healthcare supporting those with conditions currently undersupported by mainstream health and social care services. The talked touched on many of the the key themes outlined in the following Border Sessions brief on activism, security and societal impact: "The fast expanding digital realm offers many new possibilities and challenges. What was once an exciting opportunity to create a parallel world on a new set of shared values for many, has grown into something much more like our real world than most of the early pioneers had hoped for. Is it still worth pushing for a digital realm that differs fundamentally from the values and methods we apply in the real world? Or is it even worse and are the rules in the digital world far less open, reciprocal, humanistic and global with sovereign states and corporations controlling access and data. Many important questions arise: Will there still be room for activism? What price do we pay for efficiency and security? Is access to governmental and corporate data a principal need in our society, as it’s the only way to control our states and corporations while they present us their increasingly persuasive technologies? And with the rise of cyber warfare and cyber control, is there something like dual-use software?"