Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

DTU Informatics at the Technical University of Denmark is the largest IT department in Denmark and represents a unique combination of modern applied mathematics and computer science & engineering. DTU Informatics conducts research that ranges from basic research to innovation, industrial applications and strategic research. DTU Informatics conducts research within mathematical modelling and computer science & engineering for the benefit of science and society, and strives to create new values through a fruitful combination of the natural and technical sciences with a focus on the usefulness for society. DTU Informatics employs around 90 PhD students with an annual production of 30 PhDs. The department’s scientific production is roughly 100 journal papers and 100 conference papers per year with peer review. The section on Language-Based Technology (LBT) focuses on the modelling, analysis, and realisation of concurrent, distributed, mobile, service-oriented, or embedded systems. The main properties of interest are the correctness, security, safety, and performance guarantees of software-based systems, for systems where reliability is a must. The techniques developed are demonstrated by advanced analysis tools and prototypes. The systems investigated range from hardware description languages, over compilers and virtual machines, to service-oriented architectures. In the TREsPASS project, DTU led the development of the socio-technical security model specifications, and was involved in the development of static analysis and model checking methods supporting scalability and compositionality.