BizzDesign, The Netherlands

BiZZdesign offers complete and integrated solutions to design and improve organisations. These solutions consist of proven and easy to use tools, best practice models and methods, training and consultancy. Solutions are provided in the areas of business modelling, enterprise architecture, business requirements management, business process analysis and management and model-based implementation and governance.

BiZZdesign is innovative and cooperates with partners and knowledge institutes to continuously improve and extend its products and services to support new developments and requirements from clients. BiZZdesign embraces open standards, and actively participates in the Open Group (TOGAF, ArchiMate), the BPM-Forum and other organisations.

BiZZdesign is interested in the extension of the ArchiMate language with security aspects for the purpose of modelling and analysis. ArchiMate is an international standard of the Open Group for modelling, visualising and analysing enterprise architectures. The language describes information, behavioural and structural aspects of enterprises at business, IT and technology level, including the relationships between these levels. BiZZdesign would like to add the security aspect at all three levels. In addition, we would like to extend existing methods and techniques and tool support for enterprise architecture development to incorporate the modelling and analysis of security aspects.

In the TREsPASS project, BiZZdesign contributed to a specification language for describing socio-technical security models, the extension of existing methods for developing such models, and the implementation of supporting tools and techniques.